This Too Shall Pass…..

Ever heard that before??? This is something that always picks me up right when I feel like I’m completely failing at life. As I’m sure at some point most of us have felt this way. Here’s a little heart-to-heart…..


  • God has got it all in control. He always has and always will.  (THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!)
  • This too shall pass!
  • Always keep telling yourself  “YOU’VE GOT THIS!”
  • Just keep smiling!

Remember God always has got it in control. Because he is so good. You can feel like you are slipping in an completely overwhelming puddle…. or something like that. But God will always have your back! Because you are his child and he’s not leaving you! He LOVES you! Never once has he left, sure there are tough times but that’s because faith doesn’t come without challenges. Because how would your Faith ever grow if you were not challenged to seek the Lord??? A few of my favorite scripture verses that go along with this are….

~Psalm 54:22 “ Cast all your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” 

~James 1:2 “Consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of faith produces perseverance…..”  

~ Peter 5:7 “ Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you!”

~ Hebrews 13:5 “…..because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.””

So here’s my challenge for you today. When life just feels like it’s not going right just remember Gods on your side, just keep smiling, and go conquer today!

Love, Sarah

Let’s Talk About Skincare…..

For starters growing up skincare had never really been a big deal in my life other than the fact that I’ve always been told to make sure I moisturize, apply sunscreen, and watch out for my fair sensitive skin, by my mom and grandmother. Over the years I’ve pretty much kept the same exact skincare routine and I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually had to buy a single bottle of moisturizer because thanks to my grandmother she has always kept me well supplied. Thanks Nana! But growing up I have realized they were so right about the importance of these things, especially moisturizing.

Stop What You’re Doing Right Now and Moisturize!!!

Yeah you heard me! Moisturizing your skin is something I feel is not stressed enough today among young women. I just want to start by saying caring for your skin is so important because it’s your SKIN and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Skin is what protects you and takes a lot of beat and batter to the routine everyday life. Just so you know first and foremost no wrinkle, stretch mark, scar, breakout, etc…. is anything to ever be ashamed of. But we care for our beautiful skin because of how much stress it puts up with in everyday life.

Reasons To Make Moisturizing A Habit…..

  • It’s winter time. If anything dries out your skin the most it’s that cold frigid air outside and nobody likes that dry cracked skin.
  • So many of our everyday products that we use. Such as hand soaps, sanitizer, hair spray, face wash, perfume all contain Alcohol which is a big cause to having dry skin.
  • Protection from the Sun. Most face moisturizers and even lip balm contain some sort of SPF 15 or higher to protect you front he harmful rays of the sun.
  • No Wrinkles making moisturizing a habit may prevent wrinkling as you age.
  • Moisturizes are one of the biggest secrets to having glowing skin, and helps set as a base product for applying your foundation and makeup.
  • Finally your skin deserves to be treated well!
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Proverbs 31:25~ “She is clothes with strength and dignity; and can laugh at the days to come.”

Loving Others This Valentine’s Day…..

 With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some ways to not only show some love to that special someone….. But to spread some of that love to others! 

 Sure when we think about Valentine’s Day it can spark some crazyyy drama!BELIEVE ME! I’ve seen it and lived it. The things like “Oh my gosh what is he going to get me??” “Am I going to like it….What if I don’t like it?” or what about that crazy jealousy when maybe your Valentine’s Day that was planned to be perfect just doesn’t quite measure up to the next girl. So why not take this as a perfect opportunity to love others! Here are my top five examples I have for you! 💖

❤ Write a note or a card (If anyone still does that….) Okay so maybe an email or a sweet text. Just to tell your best friend, a mentor in your life, or your Mom! Just how much you love her. People love hearing encouraging words that let them know just how much they are loved and appreciated. 

(As I am feeling a little nostalgic right now, remember in Elementary school when you would go to the store to pick out those little cards in the cardboard boxes and it was just so much fun handing those out to each classmate at the Valentine’s Day party. Then going home that night and looking at each one of them and just being so overjoyed. Those were the best moments!)

❤ Make a sweet treat for a neighbor. This is the one I am currently most excited about. On Thursday nights I play Volleyball with a group of amazing people from my church and well my hungry self was like “Oh we should bring food to share!” Well it just so happens that Valentine’s day falls on a Thursday night…. So we are going to be blessing some sweet by getting our baking skills on and making a sweet treat. 

❤ Shoveling Snow for a friend. So I don’t know about you but where I live we get SO MUCH SNOW….. yeah in fact right now it is indeed snowing. So why not get out and lovingly shovel a neighbors driveway or Sidewalk. Maybe you have an elderly friend who really struggles getting around and it’s just harder to do daily tasks. Offer to do it for them, this is a way to show so much love!

❤ Surprise your best friend with a gift. Nothing say how much I love and appreciate you like surprising a friend with a gift. It certainly doesn’t have to be anything big. It could be a simple bag of their favorite candy with a sweet note, a box of chocolate, or maybe a scarf/hat/gloves set, gift card to their favorite place, or maybe an awesome smelling candle. I promise you she’ll love it!

❤ Dates aren’t just for couples. Yep that’s right you heard it, dates aren’t just for couples. Grab your best friend or a couple of best friends and get together! Maybe go grab a cup of coffee and pay for her coffee. Grab a bite to eat and go catch a film at the movies or the classic hang out at the mall. Maybe treat her to a mani/pedi and catch up on life. Go ice skating or roller skating and just have fun! 

Well those are my top five examples of how to show others that you love them this Valentine’s Day! I hope maybe this gave so creative ideas and that you would be inspired to try something new. Feel free to send me pictures through my Insta @Sarah.Raechelle or to my Twitter which is all linked at the bottom of the home page. Feel free to contact me and Subscribe to this page. I would love to hear from you! 

~Proverbs 17:17~ “A friend loves at all times.”

A Little Introduction…..

Hi my name is Sarah Raechelle! I am so excited to begin this new journey and hope that you’ll join me! A little bit about me…. My name is Sarah but most people know me as the girl with crazy red hair always drinking coffee! A few things I love the most are Jesus, family and friends. I am just a girl full of Joy always dancing, smiling, and being goofy. Simply just trying to find her way into this world. Some things I love to do is run, journal, and find ways to love others. I have two dogs Robin and Nutgmeg, yeah they are weird and my dream is to own my an Alpaca someday… well it’s one of my dreams. My hopes with this blog is to share my faith, inspirations, and advice to help and inspire others. So all I can say is WELCOME to my crazy life! I can’t wait to grow and share with you!


Hey girl! Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased to meet you. The purpose of this is blog is to create content specifically for you! Are you ready? My goal is to create content to help you learn and grow, as I am hoping to learn and grow in different areas myself. My focus areas are going to be based around Faith, Relationships, Dating, Beauty, lifestyle, etc….. And just growing up in today’s society as a young women. I hope that you will join me! If you have any questions, concerns, or things to talk about you can contact me with the information above. Thanks!

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